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We say that meat slicers are a gift. They are efficient, take far less time and are pretty durable. If you think of fresh uniform thin slices of meat, meat slicers are your answers. And if you haven’t invested in a meat slicer yet, we say go ahead and do it. Also if you are in need of any help, our article on the best meat slicers use may help you out greatly.

However these very slicers can pose as a hazard if not handled properly. For your well-being we have brought together all the safety tips for using a meat slicer. Hence, do diligently heed to our advice to have a safe and happy experience.

Why should you take the appropriate safety precautions?

Maybe you would question why you should take so many precautions while you use a meat slicer. If you know how to make meat slicers you must have an idea. But if you don’t you can first check our article on how to use a meat slicer.

In any case, we know that the meat slicer slices meat and to slice it, a sharp blade is necessary. Moreover the blade in use in the slicer rotates at a very high speed. If not handled safely, it can cause grievous injury.

Safety tips for using a meat slicer

You can note down the following steps when you use a meat slicer:

Wear cut – resistant gloves. 

The absolute first thing which you should have when using a meat slicer is cut – resistant gloves. As we have mentioned the slicer has a blade which is razor sharp. And that sharp blade rotates at a very high speed. If you are not wearing gloves, and by chance your hand comes in contact with the blade. That will result in a very grievous injury.Even the most experienced chefs and deli meat slicer operators use gloves.

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Switch on power after you have placed everything in place.

Unless you have placed the meat in the food carriage and set the thickness, do not switch on the slicer. And keep in mind never do the otherwise. It is dangerous if you do it while the blade is rotating.

Keep your surroundings clean.

Furthermore, your work area should be clean. When there is a mess around your workspace it hampers your slicing. And your efficiency will deteriorate. Plus it is way safer when it is clear of the clutter.

Always use a food pusher.

When you switch the slicer on and the blade starts moving, you will have to push it back and forth. However, never should you push it with your bare hands. Because there is a chance that may slide off and your hand may come in contact with the blade. As a result there will be serious injury.

Give the work your absolute attention.

As we have by now realised, meat slicing can be hazardous if not done carefully. So you should do it with absolute focus and attention. Do not get distracted at any cost.

Always stand towards the side.

Usually the food pusher’s handle is towards the right. So you should stand there which helps you in giving the exact pressure. And never stand at the back and reach across the blade to operate it or even fetch something. The fast rotating blade can injure you.

Never forget to lock the slicer.

After you are done with your work, switch off the slicer, plug it out and then move the thickness to zero. When you turn the dial to zero, the slicer goes into a locked position. And this will prevent it from any accidents while it is not in use.

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Clean the slicer with the same precaution.

Finally, when you clean the slicer, do it with the same precaution. We have also described the correct way of how to clean a meat slicer in our article. 

In essence, we always recommend you to follow the proper tips for safety. Meat slicers make your life easy, do not let them harm you. 

And if you were reading this article before you buy a slicer, it is great. Also look at our article on best meat slicers for home use to know more.

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