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Meat slicers are a valuable addition to our kitchen. These make cooking a pleasant experience. We also have an article which talks about the Best meat slicers for home use. That will help you find one according to your choice. 

Meanwhile, you can buy the best of the meat slicers with the sharpest of blades. However, you would need to sharpen the blades eventually. Even the best and sharpest of blades need sharpening. So that they can continue to give the same high standard performance as always. This article will tell you how to sharpen a meat slicer blade. 

When do you need to need to sharpen the blade?

When you start using the meat slicer you keep on slicing meats and foods with it (If you want to know how to use a meat slicer, we also have an article for that). Eventually there will come a time when the blade will get dull with continuous use.  Once this happens, you will notice it yourself. When the blade is dull, it will tend to ruin food texture. The meat may break down into pieces. Also the slices formed would be uneven in its thickness. 

So when you see these phenomenons, you should know it is the time to sharpen your blade.

How to sharpen a blade?

Forthwith, we will describe the process of sharpening a blade. Sometimes, when it is a heavy duty or expensive slicer, it comes with a built-in sharpener. The cheaper ones usually don’t have a sharpener and are sharpened separately with a sharpening stone. Moreover at times even the built in sharpeners can become non-functional after a lot of use.

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You can check our article Best meat slicers for home use to know which slicers have built in sharpeners.


To sharpen a blade you must have the following with you:

  • Gloves
    Safety is always a first. Hence, you would need to wear the cut resistant gloves. According to our recommendation, the gloves are a must.
  • Eye-protection gear
    Another very important safety gear is safety glasses. As the process of sharpening the blade grinds with the sharpening tool, small metal pieces may fly. In order to protect your eyes from those, wear the glasses
  • Soap and water
    You will also need soap and water to rinse the blade. It is after you have sharpened it.
  • Sanitiser
    In addition to that you will also need sanitise. After cleansing it with soap, you will spray the sanitiser and wipe it.
  • Washcloths and paper towels
    Finally do not forget that you will need a washcloth to clean the clean with soap and water. Additionally you will also need paper towels to wipe off the blade with sanitiser. Apart from that you may sharpen a meat slicer without a built in sharpener. You will need the following:
  • Sharpening stone
    Sometimes meat slicers without built in sharpeners provide you with sharpening stones. Even if they do not provide you can easily get in your nearest hardware stores.
  • Oil
    You might oil the blade with cooking oil. It helps in protecting the stone and also in carrying away the swarf.

Steps to Sharpen a blade 

Under this topic, we will tell you how to sharpen the blade both ways. But before you follow any of the steps, you need to thoroughly clean the slicer. We have a detailed article on how to clean a meat slicer which might help you.

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Sharpening a blade with built in sharpener

Follow these step to sharpen your blade with an in built sharpener:

  • Firstly, you will have to set up the sharpening unit. Usually the unit is at the top of the slicer behind the blade. Loosen the bolt and release the sharpening unit.
  • Next you will need to lift up the unit. After that flip the unit 180 degrees and align it with the blade.
  • Then fit back the unit that way.
  • Plug it in and switch on the slicer.
  • Once the blade is turning you will press the button on the back of the unit for 30-40 seconds. This forms a burred edge.
  • Again press the front burring button which is at the front of the unit.
  • Simultaneously press the front and back button alternatively for 4-5 seconds. It streamlines the blade and forms a sharp edge.
  • After you have sharpened it, clean the blade and the sharpener. You should first rinse it with soap and water using a washcloth.. And then wipe it off after you spray it with sanitiser.
  • Finally swivel back the unit and fit it like it was before.

Sharpening without an in-built sharpener

For specific slicers, there are different ways of how to mount sharpening stones. We will not explain a specific way as it will not be the same for each one. After that:

  •  You should first oil the sharpening stone and also the blade.As previously mentioned, the oil helps in forming an edge so keen that it can easily slice neat meat slices. And also it collects all the swarf.
  • Start the blade and turn the blade for 30 seconds. You should push the stone against it. Then stop the blade for around 5 seconds and again turn it for 30 more seconds.
  • When you use a separate stone, sometimes they don’t lock into place. So you will have to make sure you hold it in place. Or else it may fall off and might result in injuries.
  • Rinse the blade with soap and water.
  • Finally spray sanitiser and wipe it off.
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We hope you follow the instructions. Always be cautious when dealing with blades. So just keep your safety gear at ready and go forward.

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