How to Clean a Meat Slicer?

After you have used the meat slicer, you will definitely have to clean it.To maintain a good meat slicer for home use, a thorough cleansing is a must. The cleaning process goes as follows:

How to Clean a Meat Slicer

  • After you have plugged out the slicer, pull the removable carriage away from the blade. They are usually locked into place and can be dismantled.
  • Wash the food carriage with hot water and soap. For additional protection against contamination, you can also use sanitizer.
  • For you to clean behind the blade, you will have to remove the blade cover. Again all slicers do not come with blade covers, but if yours has it, follow this. There is a fixing pin at the back of the slicer which you can unscrew and remove it.
  • Then, you can clean the blade with soap water and then only water. Clean it using the strokes from the centre to outwards. Stay away from the blade edge.
  • To remove the blade, there is a separate tool. This tool has two knob-like handles which fit into the place. It locks into the place with the blade.
  • Unscrew the screws on the blade with the allen key provided.
  • While keeping the removal tool in place with the blade, clean the blade using soap and water. Sanitize for more precaution against infection.
  •  After the blade has been dried enough, place it back on the slicer.
  • Screw the screws into place.
  • Detach the removable tool.
  • Place back the blade cover and fix the pin securely.
  • Put the food carriage back into the place.
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