How to sharpen meat grinder blades [Beginner’s Guide]

Meat grinders help us in our kitchen. As they grind out fresh meat which we can use for various recipes. Moreover we can be sure of the fact that the meat is of good quality. And also of the fact that it is completely healthy and devoid of contamination. So if you haven’t bought a meat grinder, do get one. And for further advice check our articles on the best meat grinders and how to buy a meat grinder.

So the grinder comes with a blade for cutting the meat and eventually these blades get blunt. If the blades are not sharp enough, they ruin the meat texture and make a mess. And it is not recommended that you change the blades so frequently. As it will obviously cost a lot to you. Hence the solution for this is sharpening the blades. And there are different ways which can sharpen the grinder blades. Here is how to sharpen meat grinder blades which you can follow. 

How to sharpen meat grinder blades?

There are three effective methods which you can follow to sharpen your blades. So you can follow any of them to sharpen them. And we will aptly describe them below.

Using Sandpaper


  • Workman gloves
  • A glass sheet
  • A sandpaper (Depending on the level sharpness you want for your blade. Although we recommend 120 grit)


  • Firstly consider your safety and wear the gloves.
  • After that you would need to stick the sandpaper on the glass sheet. So you first place the sheet on a strong straight surface. Then dampen the surface with water. And keep in mind to only dampen it, the excess water must be removed. This helps the sandpaper to stick on the sheet.
  • Then you may need to check the sharpness of your blade. And decide on how long you want to sharpen it. So we recommend you check it by slicing a paper.
  • Consequently place the blade against the surface and move it in an eight motion.
  • And we recommend that you do it at least 10 times.
  • After that wash your blade and dry it.
  • Then fit it back into the grinder and try it out. If the blade is not sharp enough, repeat the process again.
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Using sharpening stone


  • Workman gloves
  • Sharpening stone (We recommend a fine or an extra fine gritstone) 


  • First wear your workman gloves to prevent your hands from any kind of hazards.
  • Then you would need to hold the sharpening stone in place with one hand.
  • After that you will need to place the blade against the stone and move it in the ‘eight’ motion.
  •  And repeat it for 10 times at least.
  • Always wash the blade after you sharpen it to remove the small metal flyaways.
  • Finally place the blade back into the grinder and use it.
  • Repeat the whole process if your desired sharpness hasn’t reached.

Using two stone sharpening knife system


  • The sharpening knife system. (So you need two ceramic stones, which come together. Accordingly, one is for the blade and the other for the plate)
  • Cardboard paper


  • The first thing you need to do is soak your ceramic stones in water for 5 minutes. As the wet sharpening stones bores better results.
  • And then first place the blade. Also in the place of the plate, place the bigger stone.
  • After that place the securing ring around the stone and turn it into place. And make sure to not do it with a lot of force. As the force may break the stones which are somewhat delicate.
  • For the sharpening, switch on the grinder for 4-5 seconds.
  • Then remove the blade sharpening stone and the blade.
  • And after that place the plate grinding stone first in the place of the blade.
  • Again place the grinding plate on it.
  • Secure it with the securing ring.
  • And then switch it on for 4-5 seconds.
  • Repeat it for both sides.
  • So when both plates and blades are done, a burr is formed on both.
  • To remove the burr, strop it on the cardboard.
  • Fit the blade and plate and then try it out.
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Therefore, we have provided you with different methods you can use for sharpening a meat grinder blade. So you can do the one which is easier for you.

And if you still need more information on the meat grinders, you can find it with us too. we recommend you the article on the best meat grinders.

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