How to Grind Bones Without a Grinder [Step by Step Guide]

Have you ever been left with meat bones after you have used the meat in your recipes?  And you just throw it away? What if we tell you that you can utilize them too? 

We should tell you that is entirely possible. To make the whole use of what you have paid for, you can grind the bones too. Because the bones are an essential source of calcium. And you can use it as food for your pets. Also, those ground bones can be used as a plant fertilizer. So for that, you can have a meat grinder with a powerful motor. With which you can grind the bones too. For specific details on that check your article on the best meat grinders

But not all meat grinders do that. Especially when at home you have a lightweight meat grinder. That can only grind the meat. And obviously, you won’t buy a heavy-duty grinder just because you sometimes have leftover bones you want to grind. So here we will give you tips on how to grind bones without a grinder.

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How to grind bones without a grinder?

When you don’t have the appropriate gear for doing something, you will have to adjust with something else. Similarly, we have brought you a way of grinding without a meat grinder. You can do it with a meat grinder that specifies the grinding of bones. And we hope you know how to use a grinder. If not, go to our article on how does a grinder work.

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Now let us discuss the process of grinding bones without a grinder. When you do not have a meat grinder, you can go to your trusty blender. And it would be way better if you have a food processor.


So before you go on to the actual process, keep a few things in mind:

You should only grind soft bones. As the bones of bigger animals are particularly hard and will need high-power machines to grind them.

Usually, the bones from the rib cage, neck, and back of a chicken are preferred for grinding. Other bones from small animals can work too. But never go for the longer and thicker bones.

  • And it is better if you grind the bones raw. Although not mandatory, you should do it because raw bones have more nutrients in them. And cooked oily bones won’t be good for your pet.
  • Then take your butcher knife with you and cut down the bones. As the smaller the bones the easier it is to grind.
  • If you want to add any vegetable, roughly chop it down. So that you can add it while grinding the bones.

The Process

  • Place the grinder on the countertop. And attach a blender container.
  • Then place the bones in it.
  • And pour an ample amount of bones together. As the quantity should not be that small which won’t be enough for the grinder to work properly. And also not so much that it will overflow. So just put enough, maybe halfway up the container to run it smoothly.
  • Then add a bit of water. As the water makes the grinding process a bit easy and smooth.
  • After that close the container and switch on the blender.
  • Hereby, start grinding it. If you have the tamper the blenders come with, use that.
  • Keep grinding it for a while. If you feel that it is taking a bit of time, stop for a few minutes. And then start again. Due to the friction, the blender may heat up. So you should not worry about that.
  • After you are done pour the thick gravy-like substance into the bowl. Now you are ready with the ground bones.
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You can give your pets the smooth gravy rich in nutrients. It will help them in building up strong bones and healthy life.

Therefore we hope that you have learned how to grind the bones without a grinder. Always make use of things you have available at your hand.  You can also use the Gas grill for your kitchen.

Although if you do need ground meat regularly, we advise you to buy one. As it is better to grind meat on your own than visit the shops every time.

Moreover, you have the assurance that the meat is fresh. And the potential danger of infection is removed. If you need any help in buying a meat grinder, check our articles. As they are on the best meat grinders and how to buy a meat grinder.

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