5 Best Meat Grinders for Bones (Best Options) 2024

We have primarily used meat grinders for grinding meat to get fresh ground meat. And also not worry about any kind of infection or contamination. Also, they are more cost-efficient. Because once you buy a grinder, spending money on costly ground meat is over. You only have to buy bigger pieces of meat, chop them, and put them through the grinder. You can check our article on the best meat grinders for more information on meat grinders.

Apart from grinding meat, these grinders can also do other functions like sausage, cheese grating, and cutting vegetables and fruits. And one of the other important functions is grinding bones. But the issue is not all meat grinders can grind bones. Usually, we grind bones to mix in raw pet food or as fertilizers for trees.

They are a direct source of calcium and nutrients, which are very important for your pet. And they make their bones strong. So to help you choose a grinder, we have curated a list of the best meat grinders for bones.

Our top 5 best meat grinders for bones

SeriesProduct NamePrice
1.LEM #5 Electric Meat GrinderCheck Pirce
2.Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat GrinderCheck Pirce
3.Aobosi Electric Meat GrinderCheck Pirce
4.Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat GrinderCheck Pirce
5.Sunmile SM-G33 Electric Meat GrinderCheck Pirce

1. LEM #5 Electric Meat Grinder – Best Premium Meat Grinder for bones

Why we love it

  • The meat grinder has a 0.35HP motor, which gives a smooth and fine grinding.
  • And two stainless steel grinding plates of varying thicknesses.
  • Furthermore, a rifled head facilitates faster grinding without a stomper.
  • In addition to that, it has a special big bite auger.

The LEM brand has a wide range of grinders that are efficient and brilliant for different reasons. This LEM #5 Big Bite meat grinder is one of them. Even with a 0.35HP power motor, it gives a top-end performance. And this power is enough for you to grind bones easily. Moreover, this motor has a patented air cooling system and is permanently lubricated. Even the metal gears are quieter and smoother.

Also, there are two stainless steel grinding plates of varying thicknesses. So you have the coarse and the fine grinding plate to choose from. And the stainless steel makes them corrosion-resistant and durable. 

Most importantly, this grinder has a big bite’ technology. As per the big bite technology, the LEM auger can chew off a bigger bite of meat or bone. In comparison, the basic standard augers. This makes the grinding much faster.

Besides that, the grinder has a rifled head. So this rifled head helps the grinder easily take in the meat without the action of the stomper.

Even the outward appearance of the grinder has a brushed steel design, giving it a stylish look. There is also a tray for the knife and plate storage.


  • Built-in circuit breaker.
  • Extra storage space
  • Big Bite auger.
  • Permanently lubricated


  • Slightly expensive
  • No reverse option

Although compared to the others mentioned, it might seem expensive. But its performance makes it worth it, as it is a friend for you if you regularly grind raw pet food and bones. And it excels in grinding meat brilliantly. So if you choose to buy this, you will benefit significantly.

2. Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder – Best Overall Meat Grinder for bones

Why we love it

  • This meat grinder has a locked wattage 1000w motor but uses 350W while grinding.
  • And this grinder is a large size 12, so it can hold a lot of meat
  • Moreover, the grinder head is made of aluminum, which is very durable.
  • Also, grinders have big gears and gearboxes, overcoming any resistance during the grinding.

The Sunmile G50 is a great home meat grinder and one of the best bone grinders as it has a high enough motor power to grind the bones. So this electric meat grinder has a 350W rated power wattage, which exhibits a brilliant performance.

More importantly, the grinder is very durable. And the grinder has big gears and a gearbox that overcomes almost all kinds of resistance. Also, the grinder head is made of die-cast aluminum, which makes it more long-lasting. 

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Moreover, there are three stainless steel grinding plates of varying thicknesses. There are coarse, medium, and fine plates. So that you can choose the thickness you want. Even the grinder is a large size of 12. So a high-capacity meat tray allows you to put larger amount of bones in it. And it allows you to grind a larger amount in less time.

In addition to that, the food pusher has the perfect design to push in the bones, as the bones need a bit of help from the stomper. And also it prevents your fingers from any kind of injury.

Besides that, there is a design for storing cords and accessories in the grinder. And there is also a built-in circuit breaker, which prevents motor burnout.


  • Has a high capacity meat tray.
  • Built-in circuit breaker.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Space for cord and accessory storage.


  • Poor quality stainless steel
  • Very noisy.

So this grinder is something you can buy for your home use. Neither can it superbly grind meat, but also effortlessly grind the bones. And you can use it for making daily meals for your pet. So if you do not mind the noise, go for it.

3. Aobosi Electric Meat Grinder – Best Powerful Motor Meat Grinder for bones

Why we love it

  • This electric meat grinder has an 800W motor and can produce around 2 lbs of meat.
  • And the grinder has three stainless steel grinding plates of varying thicknesses.
  • Also, disassembling is easy for a quick cleanup.
  • In addition, there is the reverse function which helps clog clogged food.

The Aobosi Electric meat grinder is one of the best meat grinders for bones. Although not that heavy-duty, it is enough to grind meat and bones occasionally. And the motor is also very efficient. So this electric meat grinder has a locked-in 2000W wattage and uses 800W while grinding.

Moreover, there are three stainless steel grinding plates. They are coarse, medium, and fine. So that you can choose one of your choices. And the grinder also has a big capacity meat tray which can hold a lot of bones at a time.

Besides that, the grinder is designed for high torque force. And through the extrusion of three auger spirals, it has a greater speed at grinding. Also, it keeps the meat texture intact. 

Additionally, there is the reverse function. This will help you in unclogging the clogged food in the grinder. Even the disassembling of the grinder is very easy. Hence it facilitates easy cleanup.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Compact and easy to store.
  • Big-capacity meat tray


  • Low output capacity.
  • Very noisy

If you use it once in a while for grinding the bones, it will be perfect. As it is also affordable, you can buy it. Also, it is lightweight and compact. Hence you easily store or move it.

4. Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder – Best Manual Meat Grinder for bones

Why we love it

  • This manual meat grinder has two stainless steel grinding plates of varying thicknesses.
  • And it is easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Also, the entire unit is dishwasher safe.
  • Moreover, there are suction feet to keep the grinder in place.

The Gideon Hand Crank meat grinder is one of the best manual meat grinders for bones. You will first notice that it does not need a power supply, so it saves electricity. Also, it is very affordable so it will be fully within your budget. On top of that, it is lightweight and compact, so you can easily store it in your kitchen cabinets.

In addition, there are two grinding plates of varying thicknesses. And they are made of stainless steel, so they are corrosion-resistant and durable. Also, there is a meat pusher that helps you in pushing the bones through the hopper. And that too without injuring your hands. Moreover, an ergonomic hand crank/handle is easy to turn and grind.

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Besides that, the grinder is also very easy to assemble and disassemble. So you can carry it anywhere and easily use it. And the easy disassembling leads to quick and easy cleanup. Also, keep in mind that the complete unit is dishwasher safe. 

For grinding the bones, you will need stability from the grinder. So the grinder has suction feet, which can attach to a countertop or any work table. And provides leverage when you grind the bones. 


  • Easy assembling and disassembling.
  • Easy to turn hand crank.
  • Powerful suction feet.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • When grinding meat, you can only grind a few cuts.
  • Bones may be tedious to grind.

If you do not want to invest in an electric meat grinder, go for this manual meat grinder. As it is affordable, compact, and has a satisfactory performance of grinding bones, it can be a significant addition to your kitchen life.

5. Sunmile SM-G33 Electric Meat Grinder – Best Durable Meat Grinder food bones

Why we love it

  • This meat grinder has a locked wattage of 800W and uses 400W rated power while grinding.
  • And the grinder can grind about 170 lbs of ground meat in an hour.
  • Also, there are three stainless steel grinding plates of varying thicknesses.
  • In addition to that, there is a built-in circuit breaker to prevent motor burnout.

The Sunmile SM-G33 is one of the best meat grinders for bones for many reasons. The first thing to take notice of is the price of the grinder. This meat grinder is affordable, so you can easily fit it into your budget. Then there is the fact that it is lightweight and compact. So it won’t be a problem to move it around and store it in cabinets or on countertops.

Also, this meat grinder has a 400W power motor. And this helps in smooth and efficient grinding. So when grinding the bones, it takes less amount of time.

Moreover, this grinder has a stainless steel body housing. And the grinder head is made of polished cast aluminum. So this automatically makes the grinder much more durable. 

On top of that, there are three stainless steel grinding plates. And they are of varying thicknesses like coarse, medium, and fine. 

Besides that, the grinder also has easy operation. Also, there is the reverse operation to unclog any clogged food. And there is a locked-in circuit breaker. So that it can prevent motor burnout; with the ergonomic food pusher, you can easily push down the bones.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Built-in circuit breaker.
  • Stainless steel housing.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.


  • Gets clogged very easily.
  • Slower performance.

As this grinder is lightweight and compatible, it will be pretty good to store at home. And you can carry it around easily. Also, the meat grinder is very affordable. So grab it when you get this much and decent enough grinding for bones.

Choose the right bones for grinding

So, grinding bones is easy if you choose the right bones to grind. 

If you are grinding bones for a pet, choose bones of animals they would eat if they were domesticated. As usual, poultry is the first choice. And go for the smaller pieces like the necks, rib bones, or wing tips. You can also go for other smaller animals like rabbits or fish. Just make sure that the size of a single is no longer than your thumb.

Also, use only raw bones because cooked bones are harder to grind. And also, uncooked bones are rich in calcium and nutrients, unlike cooked bones.

How to grind bones in a meat grinder

Further, we will briefly describe the process of how to grind bones in a meat grinder:

  • First, chop your bones with the help of a butcher’s knife if they are bigger, as it will easily grind them.
  • If you want to mix vegetables in the raw feed, chop them down too.
  • Next, place a bowl under the grinder head to catch ground bones.
  • Then take a bone and put it in the feeding tube.
  • Also, make sure you use a stomper and push it down.
  • If you are using a manual meat grinder, turn the hand crank.
  • Put in another when the ground bone comes out from the other end. (Always put one bone at a time)
  • If there are vegetables, simply put them in through the tube. As it comes out, catch it in the bowl.
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So your ground bone meal is now ready. You can store it in the refrigerator for five days until you use it completely.

You can check our other articles for more information on the grinders’ usage. As they are, how does a grinder work, and how to use a manual meat grinder?

Buying Guide of Meat Grinder for Bones

These are the several parameters you should consider before you buy a meat grinder for bones:

Source of power supply

Before buying a grinder, decide whether you want an electric or a manual grinder for your bones. 

Obviously, with an electric meat grinder, you will not need to put in any effort to grind the bones as an electric motor drives it.

Whereas in a manual one, you will need manual effort. But the good thing is that they are cheaper. 

So choose one accordingly.

Output Capacity

Next, the thing that matters is output capacity. 

If you grind only for one or two pets at home, it is an environment with less supply demand. So a smaller light-duty grinder with a small output capacity will do. 

But when you run a shelter or have a houseful of own or foster pets, there is high supply demand. Hence you will need a heavy-duty grinder with a higher output capacity to fulfill it.


If you grind bones once in a while, a smaller, affordable, less durable grinder will do the work. 

But if you grind the bones frequently, get a costlier and heavy-duty grinder.


Always go for a good-grade stainless steel housing, plates, and blade grinder. As a good grade, stainless steel gives the best resistance to corrosion. So that the grinder is not prone to wear and tear. And also increases the longevity of the grinder.


Why do we grind bones?

So grinding of bones is primarily beneficial to pets. As pets live inside the house, they do not get a lot of nutrients. Like they do when they are out in the wild. As they eat raw meat, chew on bones, and whatnot. So the bones are rich in calcium and nutrients. Hence to provide the pets with those, you grind bones and make a bone meal.

Can I grind bones without a grinder?

Yes, you can grind bones without a grinder. Although a meat grinder is a more efficient way to do it, it can be expensive. So in place of that, you can use a food processor. You can check our article to know how to grind bones learned a grinder.

Can all meat grinders grind bones?

No, not every meat grinder can grind bones. And many meat grinders come with the caution of not using them for grinding bones as it might cause wear and tear. So follow our list to find the best meat grinder for bones.

Which animal bones should I use for grinding?

As we have also mentioned earlier, poultry is the best choice. Especially the wing tips, rib bones, and necks. Other small animals like rabbits and fish are also recommended. Always choose bones that are mostly the size of your thumb. If they are bigger, cut them down using a butcher’s knife. And avoid using the bones of bigger animals.

Should I use cooked or uncooked meat?

Always use uncooked meat because the bones are softer compared to cooked meat. And can easily be ground with the grinder.r also, if you grind cooked bones, shards of bones which may poke or choke your pet.

Most importantly, cooked bones are not rich in calcium and nutrients like uncooked bones.


We hope that our guide has helped you choose the best meat grinder for bones. And we also have a few recommendations for you.

If you want a premium use meat grinder for bones, go for the LEM #5 Stainless Steel Big Bite.

And if you want a manual meat grinder for your bones, buy the Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder.

For more information on meat grinders in general, check out our article on the best.

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