How does a Meat Grinder Work [Everything About Meat Grinder]

Meat grinders are essential kitchen appliances. If you are a non-vegetarian and love to create recipes of your own, you should invest in one. Because when you get the ground meat from a shop, you are never sure about the quality.

It might be stale or somewhat not ground to your requirements. And there are chances that there are unclean grinders which can cause issues with your meat. So try to find a suitable meat grinder.

It will not only cater to your needs but also be cost efficient. Then buying ground meat on a regular basis. If you want to know more about it, you can check our article on best meat grinders. We have also an article on how to buy a meat grinder, which may help you.

Even if you buy one of your choice depending on your requirements, you need to know how it functions. So this article discusses how does a meat grinder work to ease your worries.

How does a meat grinder work?

Now we shall discuss the whole process as to how a meat grinder works. Also we should keep in mind that there are two types of meat grinders: manual and electric. For explaining the procedure for a manual meat grinder, check our article on how to use a manual meat grinder.

And here, we will discuss how the electric meat grinder works. 

Preparation of the meat

  • First, you need to clean the meat and remove the bones, cartilage and silver skin. Although there is an option of completely removing the fat from the meat, it depends on your recipe. As you should keep in mind that complete lean meat does not make good burgers or meatballs. The fat helps in binding the meat. So if you want to make burgers, 20% of fat is enough and for meatballs 30% is good.
    And you should keep in mind that elk and deer meat does not have fat, resulting in red juicy burgers.
  • Then keep the meat in the freezer. As cold meat which is sturdy enough works best for grinding. Do not ever completely freeze it.
  • After it has cooled down enough, cut the pieces into cubes. Even the size of the cubes depends on the size of the grinder. So smaller the grinder, smaller the pieces. We do this because it allows for better grinding.
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  • Firstly we need to install the T-link to the front of the grinder. You will have to place it there and tighten it into the place. As you should know the T-link houses the auger, the blade and the grinding plate.
  • So then, fit the auger into the link and screw it tight.
  • After that you place the cutting blade at the front of the auger. Take notice that it should be flat side facing out.  And then place a grinding plate flush against the blade. Here you should choose the degree of thickness of your grinding plate according to your requirement.
  • Then place the securing ring on the T-link and tighten it into the place.
  • Finally place the meat tray on to the top of the T-link and you are good to go.

The Process

  • Before you switch on the grinder, place a collecting bowl or tray to the front of the grinder. So that it collects the ground meat.
  • After that you should put meat cubes onto the feeding tray.
  • And then switch on the meat grinder.
  • With the food pusher, manually push the meat pieces into the feeding tube.
  • Then the feeding tube takes it through the conveyor belt to the cutting blade.
  • As the meat pushes against the blade, it cuts it down.
  • After the blade it goes to the plate which will grind it down. As to the degree of thickness the plate the meat will grind down.
  • Apart from the lamb, the other meats may need a second grind.
  •  When you are done, disassemble the meat grinder. After every use, you should clean the grinder. For a detailed know how, go to our article on how to clean a meat grinder.
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We hope that our explanation on the working of a grinder will ease your doubts. As it is pretty simple to operate. And even learning it will take no time. 

So now that you know all about the working of a grinder but do not have one. We have got you sorted. You should check our article on the best meat grinders.

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