Welcome to the best pellet grill smoker reviews article as we are here to help you choose your favorite smoker. If you are looking for a cooking set that brings wood-fired flavored food with precise temperature control, easy to achieve tastes, and convenience of cooking, a pellet smoker is a must-have for you.

Whether you want to cook indoors or outdoors, for a large family or only for two, we bring the best quality top rated smoker reviews of 2021 that are written by researching experienced grillers all around the world.

Before you buy a pellet smoker, knowing how to buy a smoker is a really important task.

There are certain pros and cons you must consider before buying a pellet grill.

In this article we will bring the best pellet grills reviews for you, we can use the word grill and smoker at the same time as both have the same meanings, so dont be confused.

Top-rated Best Pellet Grill

Camp Chef 24
Z Grills ZPG-7002B

List of Best Pellet Grill Smoker

SeriesProduct NamePrice
1.Camp Chef 24 in. WiFi Woodwind Pellet Grill & SmokerCheck Price
2.Camp Chef PG24MZG SmokeProCheck Price
3.Z Grills ZPG-7002B 2020 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & SmokerCheck Price
4.Camp Chef SmokePro StainlessCheck Price
5.Z GRILLS ZPG-10002E 2020Check Price
6.Green Mountain Davy CrocketCheck Price
7.Z GRILLS ZPG-450ACheck Price
8.Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Pellet GrillCheck Price
9.BIGHORN OUTDOORS Pellet GrillCheck Price
10.Traeger Pellet Grills TFB30KLFCheck Price

1. Best Overall Pellet Smoker | Camp Chef 24 in. WiFi Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker

Camp chef 24 is one of the best pellet grills with the latest wifi and BlueTooth connectivity features. It offers a wonderful grilling experience along the facility to connect with the camp chef app. You can easily grill your cook on the pellet grill, having 4 meat probes with a sidekick option which is 14†in dimension for accessories.

Moreover, cooking and grilling are so customizable that you can choose a smoke level between 1 to 10.

The wood pellet smokes give you a savory flavor and anyone can choose how much smoke is needed for your grill. As the temperature ranges from 160 F to 500 F, this pellet grill serves best either for grilling or cooking, depending upon the chosen temperature.

If you don't want to stand along your grill to wait for your cook, simply connect the grill with your mobile through the Camp chef App. This way you can easily connect, monitor, set the temperature and smoke levels, and get notified while enjoying staying away from the pellet smoker.


  • Material: stainless steel
  • Color: black
  • Dimensions: 30x48x49 inches
  • 4 meat probes
  • PID controllers
  • Weight: 162 pounds

Things we like:

The following features make this pellet grill extremely demanding in all BBQ lovers and the users who are using Camp chef 24 pellet grill.

  • PID controller with smoke controller
    PID and smoke controller helps you to control the smoke levels and temperature. This feature eliminates the guesswork and the exact temperature helps the food to cook according to the required recipe.
    A high number of smoke levels increases the smoke input and output. But if you decrease the smoke level, it holds the temperature to higher levels.
  • Compatibility of attachments
    All the attachments of the camp chef grill are compatible with it and have the size of 24/36. It means you have the liberty to change the sidekick and sear box easily whenever you desire.
  • 4x meat probs
    The digital panel offers 4 meat probes that actually tell the exact situation and the condition of meat. At any level, you can have an idea of how much further cooking is required and how long your meat is going to take.
  • Simple and digital controls
    The grill is easy to handle and control through digital panels and mobile apps. You choose the options of temperature and you get ash cleanout so easy and handy that it is the best grill to enjoy indoor/outdoor BBQ.
  • Slide and Grill
    As the temperature ranges from 160 F to 650F, you can switch the flame from direct to indirect mode through a pull of a knob. This way you get restaurant-style cooking and grill marks on your favorite steaks.

Things we dont like

  • No storage cabin
    There is a small shelf where you can keep the tongs or wood pellets along with other accessories. But no cabinet door is available for storage.
  • Wireless connectivity
    Although the grill has wifi connectivity with the app. You can control, monitor, change the temperature and choose the smoke levels, but ongoing a little bit away from the grill, the connection is lost. This thing sometimes annoys the user.

Experts Opinion

There are plenty of things that provide convenience and ease of cooking with a Camp chef grill. It offers healthy, clean, easy to use, one-step cleanout, and other useful options.

The Camp chef app is upgrading day by day. So whether you want to cook for large gatherings, or only for your family, this pellet grill is the best choice for you.

2. Best All in One Pellet Smoker | Camp Chef PG24MZG SmokePro

Camp Chef PG24MZG is best for its all-in-one cooking facilities. You can easily grill, bake, cook, braise, smoke, and barbeque on a single grill with woodfired savory flavor.

All of the above is its digital control that uses a meat probe to check and inspect meats internal condition and temperature. There is no hard process to change the temperatures as you can toggle the temperature of the grill just by pressing a single button.

This pellet smoker has a PID controller that offers 1 to 10 smoke levels. With the help of this PID controller, you choose the level of smoke as per the recipe card or your own choice. The easy and simple ash cleanout systems save your time and you enjoy your food with great fun.


  • Material: steel
  • Weight: 144 pounds
  • 2 PID controllers-1 to 10 smoke setting
  • Foldable front shelf
  • Dimensions: 40.5x25x22 inches

Things we like

The features that make Camp chef PG24MZG SmokePro among the top-notch best pellet grills are large grilling space, easy to clean, versatile heat control, and a variety of flavors.

  • Slide and Grill
    The slide and grill technology makes you able to cook your food at the desired flame. Pull the side knob to smoke the meat at higher flames or pull it back for slow heating.
  • Easy cleanout system
    The ash clean-out system is so easy that it does waste your hours to get cleaned. A simple pull of the lever cleans up all the ash after every cook and you enjoy your meal without the hassle of vacuum.
  • Simple assembly
    The camp chef PG24MZG SmokePro comes in the box in almost ready condition. All you need to assemble the grill in a few minutes and it is ready to make wonderful foods for you.
    Hassle-free and effortless assembling makes this smoker an ultimate choice for all the people who are looking for an easy to handle grill for their homes.
  • Hooper cleanout
    Hooper cleaning is also a great option in the Camp chef grill. If you want to clean the hooper, simply pull out the lever to get all the pellets out. Feed the new pellets and enjoy the new flavor of smoke or grill.

What we dont like:

  • No wireless connectivity
    As there is no wi-fi connectivity or app option, many people may dislike it for not having the ability to get control through devices.
  • Grease leakage
    Sometimes if the drip tray is not properly fixed, you may have a grease leakage problem.

Personal Opinion

The solid and robust assembly and proper installation of the drip tray can fix the problem. Users all over the world find this grill handy, useful, durable, and versatile cooking gadget.

3. Best for steaks - Z Grills ZPG-7002B 2020 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

Z grills ZPG-7002B 2020 offers the best smoker for steaks in the market. Having a smoking area of 504 sq inch, it is the best option for cooking meals for large families.

The Z grill technology brings a wood fire flavor at the ease of propane or gas. The temperature range is wide-180 to 450- giving versatile cooking to grill, smoke, braise, roast, bake, or BBQ.

As it offers an easy and hassle-free assemble, so there is nothing to worry about it you can immediately start cooking as you buy this grill. 

The latest features of electronic auto-start ignition, digital auto temperature control system, and an LED display system makes it super easy even for beginners.


  • Black color
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Powered by wood pellets
  • Dimensions:48x22x81 inches
  • Weight:84 pounds
  • Electronic auto-start ignition
  • Digital auto temperature control
  • LED temperature panel
  • Works at temperatures between 180 F to 450 F
  • Fan forced convection cooking

What we like

The following features make the product highly desirable among all BBQ lovers.

  • Versatile cooking
    This BBQ wood fired pellet grill can be used for the grill, smoke, bake, braise, roast, and barbeque. As the grill uses fan-forced heating technology, it creates an environment for all types of meals.
    You can grill, smoke, bake, braise, roast, or barbeque by adjusting the temperature and flame within the accuracy of 10 F. Such versatile cooking lets you enjoy any food you want to make for your loved ones.
  • Easy to clean
    The cleanout system is so easy that it lets you enjoy heavenly food without long cleaning hours. Specially designed waste oil collectors help you clean fast and easy and keep the grill grease-free.
  • Huge grilling area and hooper capacity
    The total rack surface area is 700 sq inches, while the area for the grill is 504 sq inches. A huge area offers large meal preparation for big families. You can feed 20 pounds of pellets in the hooper so having a large capacity lets you go carefree about feeding the hooper again and again.
  • Consistent and precise
    It offers precise and consistent cooking. As the convection heating technology distributes the heat evenly, it ensures the food is precisely cooked. Moreover, the digital auto temperature control feeds the pellets as needed to control the temperature.

What we dont like

  • Temperature control issue
    Some buyers complained that they could not control the temperature while going at the higher temperatures above 300 F. This may look either a technical problem or skill of the user.

4. Camp Chef SmokePro Stainless | Best Budget Pellet Grill

The camp chef smoke pro stainless hits the spot among the best pellet grills because of its large grilling area, precise and accurate temperature, and easy to achieve desired flavors.

Thanks to the digital temperature control system, that feeds the pellets as needed to give the best savory flavors to the foods. The digital control panel allows you to check and control the temperature with a single push of a button.

As it has a stainless steel body so you not need to worry about any erosion and corrosion. A waste collector drain system helps to drain any kind of grease during the grilling, giving you an easy ash cleanout.

Coming towards the temperature range, this pellet smoker offers a range between 160 F to 400 F. This temperature range facilitates versatile cooking either grill, smoke, or BBQ. 


  • Product dimensions:40.5x25x22 inch
  • Weight:127 pounds
  • Upper rack area: 141 sq inch
  • Lower rack area:429 sq inch
  • Rack surface area: 570 sq inch
  • Chamber capacity: 3778 cubic inch
  • Height: 32.5 in
  • Ignition: electronic auto-start
  • LED panel for temperature readout

What we like

  • Stainless steel construction
    The pellet smoker is made up of high-quality stainless steel including the lid and the handle. This material does not corrode and ensures the durability of the smoker.
    Moreover, the stainless steel probes measure the external and internal temperature of the meat. The build-in sensor gauge measures the cooking temperature and gives you an exact reading to choose and maintain the required temperature.
  • Electronic auto-start and LED panel
    The pellet grill has an electronic auto-start ignition that helps to start the grill simply and easily. Moreover, an LED panel gives the temperature readings of cooking temperature and internal temperature of food, giving you exact information about your food.
    The pellet smoker also has an automatic auger pellet dispenser that dispenses the pellets while increasing the smokers efficiency.
  • Easy ash cleanout system
    There are no long vacuum procedures required for cleaning. A simple cleanout system helps to clean the ash as early as required. A simple pull and dump system helps to clean the ash fast and easily.

What we dont like:

  • This pellet grill has a kind of difficult assembly. So it can take some of your time when you start assembling it.
  • Camp chef offers a warranty of 1 year only that may seem less according to some customers.

 Personal Opinion

This pellet smoker has the best reviews because of its versatility, ease to work with, and auto ignition, LED temperature readout penal. Camp chef is also working on an easy assembling process that might help the customers in the future.

5. Z GRILLS ZPG-10002E 2020

If you want to enjoy wood-smoked food flavor, this pellet grill is the easiest way to get it. It has 2 in 1 feature that lets you enjoy a wood pellet grill and at the same time. Offering a different flavor than gas or carbon, it offers 8 types of cooking styles. You can either bake, or smoke, grill, roast, braise, and barbeque.

The automatic ignition of the digital control system makes the grill handling so easy and the LED display keeps temperature checking easy.

Moreover, the hopper has a capacity of 20 pounds that can facilitate cooking for 20 hours. 

Thanks to the digital temperature control system that feeds the pellets when required. It means more energy at the cost of fewer pellets, the grill is not only economical but time and energy saving too.

The precision and accuracy of temperature are so good that it remains within the variation of 10 degrees only. A large grill area of 1060 sq inch ensures meal preparation even for crowds in a small amount of time.

As you go along its construction, you admire the stainless steel body with heavy-duty terrain wheels and foldable shelves.


  • 8 in 1 barbeque wood pellet fired grill and smoker
  • Cooking area: 1060 sq inch
  • 20 pounds hopper capacity
  • Digitally controlled pellet purge
  • Electric auto ignition
  • Efficiency: 20 hours cooking per 20 pounds pellet
  • Accuracy is within 10 degrees of the set temperature

What we like

  • Advance technology
    Z GRILLS ZPG-10002E 2020 is famous for its advanced wood-fired technology. This wood pellet grill is the easiest way to enjoy the flavor of wood-smoked food.
  • It has digital auto ignition and a control panel that gives you easy temperature readouts. Moreover, the auto temperature control helps the beginners to make amazing food on this grill.
  • Accuracy and precision
    The z grill pellet smoker has a digital temperature control system that feeds the pellets when required. This not only helps the regulation of temperature but it also maintains and keeps the temperature consistent.
    The accuracy of temperature change lies between 10 degrees at any set temperature. Because of convection heating, the heat moves all around the grill equally to ensure proper heating temperature for the food.
  • Easy to use
    Easy to use construction, and strong built makes it quite handy for all the users. The digital panels, auto ignition make the grilling easy and fast. 

What we dont like

  • The side table looks strange and sometimes a hurdle in quick movements.

 Personal Opinion

The overall rating and the reviews of all the users show this grill the best choice whether you want to cook for two or many. It has easy to achieve flavors, 8 in 1 grilling options, efficiency, and money-saving features that make it a remarkable choice.

6. Green Mountain Davy Crocket | Best Grill for Camping and tailgating

Green Mountain Davy Crockett is best for camping and tailgating. As everything is wifi connected nowadays so this grill also has a wifi feature to enhance your camping joy while you grill.

You can fold the stand whenever you need to move, and they work as handles for you. The wonderful feature is its foldability and being compact. It is compact enough that you can fold and put in the car and has enough capacity to cook for a crowd. 

The best part is it has everything a best pellet smoker should have, to give the best wood-smoked grill flavor.


  • Dimensions: 29.92 x 14.96 x 21.65 inches
  • Weight: 57.32 pounds
  • Fuel type: wood pellets
  • Featured with a thermal sensor that thoroughly monitors grill temperature
  • Compact design, portable, folds to fit in trunks

What we like:

  • Advanced technology
    Green Mountain Davy Crockett has a digital system that includes a wifi controller, meat probe, temperature set, and readout penal. A thermal sensor is also there to monitor the temperature continuously. With the help of a wifi, you can easily connect to your grill through the App.
  • Compact and portable
    This grill has a portable and compact design. You can easily fold the stand to convert it to the handles. It folds to the size that can fit any trunk, to help you serve during camping, tailgating, house boating, or anywhere you want to take it. It can work on 12 V or 120 AC, having adapters for three power options.
  • Durable, versatile, and affordable
    As it has a steel material construction, it is not only strong but also corrosion-resistant. Moreover, a peaked lid, a side convenience tray, utensil hooks, rib racks make it so versatile that it proves to hit the spot among the best pellet grills. The value for money is also a big pulse of this pellet smoker.

What we dont like:

  • Some people dont like the utensil hooks as they may harm anyone around them.

Personal Opinion

If you are a person who is always out for adventure, camping, or tailgating, this pellet grill is for you. You can buy this grill without any doubt as it serves best for camping or tailgating.

7. Z GRILLS ZPG-450A | Best Pellet Smoker for beginners

Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020 is an upgraded version that has advanced temperature control and a feed pellet system. As the digital temperature panel automatically ignites the grill, it is far easier for beginners than any other wood pellet grill or smokers. 

New grillers can easily grill their favorite food on it within the temperature range of 180 to 450 F. It has a fold-down table that can hold meat, ingredients, tongs, plates, or any other cooking gadgets.

You can easily fold it out when you dont need it. The temperature is maintained and controlled by an automatic feed pellet system and an LED display makes the temperature readouts easy for you. 

Having 8 in 1 feature, new grillers can either bake, grill, smoke, braise, roast, sear, bbq, or char gill. No need to worry about temperature control as the automatic thermal sensor controls the temperature by feeding the pellets when needed.


  • Color: bronze and black
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 45x28x49 inches
  • Weight: 84 lbs
  • Digital auto ignition
  • LED display for temperature readouts
  • Suitable for small families
  • Two terrain tires for easy mobility
  • Hopper capacity: 15 lbs

What we like:

  • Compact design for small families
    It has a small surface area and cooking area that prepares the food for small families. You can easily keep it in your patio or backyard as no large space is required to accommodate it.
    The grill area is 324 sq inch and the smoking area is 128 sq in while covering the total cooking space of 452 sq inch. Such a small and decent grill makes it quite handy, compact, and portable.
  • Consistent and precise temperature
    The PID technology ensures the equal distribution of temperature throughout the food. The meat probes tell the internal and external temperature of the food. While automatic ignition and LED display give quick temperature readouts.
  • Easy to use and clean
    This pellet grill has an easy structure to work with. It is made up of stainless steel, so no fear of corrosion and erosion. Autoignition and temperature control makes it super easy for newbies. An easy cleaning system saves time and lets you clean the ash with a single push and dump option.

What we don't like:

  • You cannot cook large batches of meal in it as it is designed for small families.

Personal Opinion

If you have a small family, or you just started grilling, this pellet grill is best for you. It hits the spot among best pellet smokers because of its versatility, easy to use features and 8 in 1 cooking variations. If you compare its fuel efficiency, it is better than gas or charcoal fired cooking.

8. Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill

Traeger grills are famous for their heating element that ignites the wood pellets to fuel the grill. Talking about Traeger grills pro series 22 pellet grill, we get a premium quality grill that provides savory flavored food easily and effortlessly.

It offers 6 in 1 features allowing you to either barbeque, grill, smoke, bake, braise or roast.

Having a digital thermostat allows automatic feeding of pellets, that controls and maintains the temperature.

Why it fits among the best pellet grills is because it offers consistent temperature within the tolerance of 15 degrees.

Moreover, you enjoy the original wood-fired smoked food because of natural hardwood pellets.


  • Cooking area:527 sq inch
  • Weight: 100 pounds
  • Dimensions: 41x27x49 inch
  • Power source: electricity
  • Material: steel
  • Grates material: porcelain
  • Hopper capacity: 18 pounds

What we like:

  • Taste and versatile cuisines
    The grill uses original hardwood pellets, so the taste is extremely savory and delicious. Moreover offering 6 in 1 features make this grill useful for the whole family who want to have a variety of cuisine.
  • Ease of use and cleaning
    As you select and set the temperature, you can let your food cook on it without any supervision. The digital control panels feed the pellets automatically to maintain and control the temperature. Easy cleaning options allow you to enjoy savory food without spending long hours in vacuuming the grill.
  • Huge capacity and grilling area
    Thanks to a huge grilling area that allows you to grill 24 burgers and 3 chickens at the same time. 18 pounds hopper capacity helps to cook non stop.

What we dont like:

  • You cant grill if there is no electricity.

 Personal Opinion

For all those people who are looking for an experts opinion, buying this grill is an adventure. It makes your grilling experience enjoyable and effortless because of automatic temperature adjustments, meat probes, digital temperature readout.

Two terrain wheels help you move the grill wherever you want to place it. Yet a great choice and recommendation from the expert grillers.

9. BIGHORN OUTDOORS Pellet Grill - Best Pellet Smoker for outdoor

BIGHORN OUTDOORS Pellet Grill is one of the best pellet grill for large families.it offers maximum value per square inch  as it has the largest grill area of 700 sq inch. Cooking for large families is quite easy with this pellet smoker because of large cooking area.

As it uses natural wood pellets as fuel, so the taste of food is better than any other gas or charcoal cooking. No need to say that this outdoor smoker gives the best wood-fired flavored food. Moreover having a digital auto-ignition system makes the grill super easy to work with.

The digital temperature control feeds the pellets automatically on demand, keeping the temperature in control.

The grill is so strong and robust that you can't have any tears and wear. Stainless steel heavy construction makes this grill sturdy and corrosion-resistant.

Features :

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Dimensions: 43x20x45 inch
  • Fuel type: wood pellets
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 107 pounds
  • Hopper capacity: 8 pounds

What we like: 

  • Large cooking area
    Bighorn outdoors pellet grill has the largest cooking area of 700 sq inches than any other listed grills. This feature not only facilitates cooking on large scale but also helps meal preparation fast.
  • Versatile taste
    The 6 in 1 cooking option make this outdoor grill an extra smart choice for food lovers. You can grill, bbq, smoke, bake, roast, and braise with this pellet smoker. Natural wood pellets give the real wood-fired flavored food.
  • Reliable and durable
    As the grill has a stainless steel construction with a weight of 110 pounds, it offers a durable and reliable performance. Secondly, a powder coat finish makes the grill aesthetically beautiful and corrosion-resistant. The porcelain grill grates are not only durable but easy to work with too.

What we don't like:

It has a relatively small hopper capacity as compared to other pellet grills. So it cant grill for long hours and you need to refill the hopper with pellets again once they run out.

 Personal Opinion

For large families to have outdoor fun, this pellet smoker has the best results. As customers and users all across the world highly recommend it as it lets you enjoy large batches of food because of its large rack surface area.

The durability, auto ignition, precise temperature reading, and control are the features that make this grill pellet highly efficient.

10. Traeger Pellet Grills TFB30KLF | Best smoker for traveller

All the travellers looking for a compact, portable yet efficient pellet grill, this pellet smoker is for you. It is the best pellet smoker for travelling as it folds in a compact shape and it almost fits any size of trunk or automobiles. 

Whether you are having fun or basking in the sun, Traeger pellet grills TFB30KLF makes superb wood fire flavoured food for you. While you enjoy your vacations camping, tailgating, or outdoors. It travels with you being portable and easy to move with. 

Along with the digital arc controller, LED temperature readout, easy ash cleanout system, it keeps the food warm. This feature lets you enjoy your meal whenever you need it.


  • 6 in 1 cooking set, versatile and superior taste
  • 5 degrees temperature increment setting option
  • Power source: electric, wood pellets
  • Highest temperature range: 450 F
  • Total cooking area: 300 sq inch
  • Hopper capacity: 8 pounds
  • Color: black
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Grills grate material: porcelain

What we like:

  • Digital arc controller:
    It has an option of a temperature increment of 5 degrees. No other grill offers such a temperature option, so it serves best for travellers. Moreover thermal sensors control and maintain the temperature.
    The meat probes help to estimate the exact condition of meat without opening the lid. What a lovely grilling experience it is as it keeps your food warm until you eat it. Just prepare your food and turn on the keep warm mode to maintain the taste and warmth of your food.
  • Easy leg folding option
    The pellet grill is so portable that you can easily fold the legs to keep it in any conveyance during your travel. The compact design and round-shaped lid make the grill easy to move.
  • Porcelain grill grates
    The grill grates have porcelain coating, so they are easy to clean and non-stick.

What we dont like

The hopper has a small capacity of 8 pounds. This needs a refill when the hopper runs out of pellets.

 Personal Opinion

All the travellers must have this grill as it does not put an extra burden on your luggage. All you need to fold the legs of the grill and it is on the go. You can either put it in the trunk of your car or truck beds for easy transportation.

How to Choose the Best Pellet Smoker Grill | Buying Guide

To buy a pellet grill, there are certain important features you must know. Once you buy a pellet grill, you will have to deal with these features, so enlightening your knowledge is worth it.

  • Size
    Size of a pellet grill determines the quantity of food you want to have in one batch. So first of all, you must know what your requirement is.
    If you want to cook for a large family, go for a full-size grill. But if you have a small family, buy a portable and small-sized grill. Sometimes buying a big size grill isnt a good idea. It is not what you really need and it will only burn more pellets resulting in a surge in fuel cost.
  • Meat probes
    The pellet cookers have meat probes that help to give a direct temperature of the food. These probes are attached to the output and the temperature is displayed on a digital panel.
  • Wifi connectivity
    Many pellet grills have built-in wifi connectivity in them. By connecting your pellet grill with an app through wifi, you can control your grill from anywhere around your grill. This option lets you enjoy your family and friends while you monitor and control the grill from a distance.
  • Durability
    As you dont need to buy a fragile and low-quality grill. Choosing the best pellet grill fairly depends upon the material. Try to find a pellet grill that has a stainless steel construction.
    Stainless steel is naturally corrosion resistant and it does not let the grill corrode. Moreover, paints or powder coatings add extra beauty, protection, and durability to the pellet grill.
  • Hopper size
    Hopper is a container that keeps the pellets before sending them to the ignition area. A hopper size determines how long your pellet grill can work without refilling the pellets into it.
    As a standard one pound of pellets keep the grill on fire for one hour. So for 20-hour cooking, your hopper must have 20 pounds capacity.
  • Price
    Price is also an important factor while buying a cooker. Some grills are in the hundreds while others may cost you thousands of dollars.
    You will have to see your budget too but what if your grill is economical but it starts rusting and breaks down within a few months of purchase? Investing in a good and grill can save your time and energy in the long run.

It Is important to consider all the above-mentioned factors before buying the pellet grill. Having your checklist based on essential features and your requirements can give you an exact estimation of the price range you must consider.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Pellet Grill

Most people buy a pellet smoker for versatile cooking, easy to achieve flavors, and wood-fired flavored food. There are certain pros and cons of buying a grill/smoker. These important key factors help to reap maximum benefit out of your grill.

Advantages of Pellet Smokers over other Cookers

  • Automation
    Automation of the grill is very important. See the feature set it and forget it. It gives the liberty of enjoying your leisure time with friends and family while your food is on the grill.
    For this hopper must remain filled with pellets. As long as the fuel is burning, your pellet grill works best on your set temperature keeping you tension free.
  • Easy to control the temperature
    The temperature control system should be automatic and easy to work with. Many grilles let you set the temperature within 5 degrees. The quality grills have automatic controllers that maintain and control the temperature by a regular feed system.
  • Fuel efficiency
    The convection heating system in the pellet grill keeps an equal distribution of the temperature. This way you achieve a high value to performance ratio while keeping fuel consumption minimum.
  • Effortless cleaning
    The pellet smokers provide an easy ash cleanout system. This eliminates the hassle of vacuum cleaning for long hours. Simply pull a lever and dump the ash. How simple the whole cleaning it makes.
  • Disadvantages of Pellet smokers
    Pellet smokers are not flawless and there are certain features that seem disadvantageous over other cokers.
  • Costly
    Best pellet smokers with high efficiency are expensive as compared to other cookers. Charcoal or gas grills give you an advantage of low cost and they cost around 200-300 dollars. While a good pellet smoker may cost you around 400 dollars and above.
  • Less smoky as compared to charcoal grills
    Charcoal grills go to high temperatures to give you perfect sear and smoke. The pellet smokers are not that smoky and you cant have a sear like charcoal cooking.
  • Electricity requirement
    A pellet grill needs an electricity plugin to get started. This keeps a limitation of electricity requirement, wherever you use it.
  • Back up of pellet stockpile
    If you run out of pellets during your cooking, you need to go to a specialized store to keep your cooking going. So having an extra stockpile of pellets is a must-have.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best pellet grill on the market?

Camp Chef 24 in WiFi Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker is the best overall pellet grill on the market.

2. Can you cook burgers on a pellet grill?

Yes, you can easily cook the burgers on a pellet grill. Just keep the temperature on 225 F for 25 to 30 mins and you are ready to enjoy your favorite burgers.

3. Are pellet grills good for steaks?

Yes, pellet grills are best for their deep sear marks on the grill steaks. The direct flame cooking and grilling is possible using a sear box or slider plate.

4. What's the best way to cook a steak on a pellet grill?

The method of grilling a steak on a pellet grill is the same as for other grills. Simply preheat the pellet grill at 450 F temperature and put your pre-marinated steaks on the grate. Give 4-5 minutes to each side, 12 minutes in total.

5. How do you reverse sear a steak on a pellet grill?

First of all, grill the steaks at 225 F for 60 minutes. Then remove the grill grates and preheat the grill at a higher temperature. Let the steak cook on the grill again until the internal temperatures reach 125 F. this way you can have a reverse sear on the steak.

6. How long does it take to grill a steak on a pellet grill?

A reverse sear takes 90 to 100 minutes in total for the steak to get ready. But the traditional steak cooking takes 12 to 13 minutes in total.

7. What temperature do you cook steak on a pellet grill?

The ideal temperature of a pellet grill is 375 to prepare the steak.


Pellet smokers are an easy and convenient way of getting fire-flavored food with easy to achieve flavors. These smokers bring joy and adventure to your grilling experience.

Some old-fashioned people consider it just an expensive addition to your lifestyle but adventurous grillers are quite enthusiastic about these pellet smokers.

In this article, we discussed the best pellet grill reviews, important features, and their pros and cons.

We hope that this will add value to your knowledge and will help you pick up the right pellet grill you need.

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